Ballard Cheese
Contact: Stacie Ballard
Address: 1764 s 2100 e 83330 Gooding, ID, 83330-0000
Phone: 208-420-1576
About Us
Ballard Family Cheese is an award-winning Idaho artisan cheesemaking operation located in Gooding. Stacie and Steve Ballard started the family dairy over 30 years ago despite not having any farm experience. What they did bring to the table, however, were transferable skills, an independent, “can-do” spirit, and a love for good food and local agriculture.
In the beginning, they sold their milk to larger cheese-making operations in the area, but eventually, the volatile milk market created an opportunity for the family to diversify. With help from their son, Travis, the Ballards ventured into artisan cheesemaking, and it didn’t take long for the family to find loyal customers who enjoy high-quality artisan cheese made from milk produced entirely by local Jersey cows. In fact, the Ballards quickly built a solid reputation for their brand, nurturing customer relationships by making a weekly presence at the Boise Farmers Market.