Wilsey Ranch Grass Finished American Wagyu
Contact: Debby Wilsey
Address: 16550 hwy 95 Marsing, ID, 83639
Phone: 208-337-4780
About Us
Wilsey Ranch was created by Debby and late husband Ed to raise high-quality, 100% Grass-Fed Wagyu Beef to a caring,knowledgeable consumer.      We started out as a traditional cow calf ranch but shifted because of our strong belief that in order to produce an environmentally friendly, ethical product it must start with healthy soil. Today Debby along with daughters Lisa and Rachel manage the ranch in the Owyhee Mountains.   Wilsey Ranch is one of the founding members of The Boise Farmers Market; we can be found there every weekend at the booth and drive thru. 
The ranch is certified humane (Gap step 4) and non-GMO through IMI Global; cattle are never given hormones, antibiotics, grains, corn or corn stocks, soy or byproducts.  
 Proudly Born, Raised and Harvested in Idaho