Blue Toad Botanicals
Address: 3100 N Lakeharbor Lane STE 160 Boise, ID, 83703
Phone: 800-732-0472
About Us
Our amazing team created Blue Toad with the belief that everyone should have easy access to the incredible benefits of organic, functional-foods, botanicals and of course, mushrooms. Our team has spent countless hours (actually years) developing easy-to-use powder blends, food bars, chocolate, teas, etc., that help consumers add healthy ingredients such as Lions’ Mane and Ashwaganda into their everyday diet!


To Build a Brand That Truly Matters To Consumers By Engaging Their Daily Passions, Struggles, & Health Needs -
Then Passionately Delivering On That Engagement.

“Blue Toad Is A Functional-Mushroom Brand That Offers Consumers Clean, Simple, & Fun Solutions For Their Lifelong Health Journey.”