Cherry Hill Farms
City: Caldwell, ID, 83687
About Us
Cherry Hill Farms is a five-generation legacy of our parents' and grandparents' integrity, hard-work, and love for growing great quality fruit. Farming started in the Rowley family on a few acres of land in Orem, Utah in the early 1900's. Over 100 years later, we are still working together in Santaquin, Utah and expanded to Caldwell, Idaho.

Our fresh fruit is grown, picked, packaged and sold with you in mind. We are about producing the best fruit possible and want you and your family to enjoy it.

Our goal and vision at Cherry Hill Farms isn't possible without you. You play a role here. We hope you become part of our legacy as you and your family come together to enjoy Cherry Hill Farms fresh fruit - picked with you in mind.

We focus on growing peaches, apples, and tart cherries, as well as growing nectarines and apricots. We have also grow garden produce and flowers on the farm.

We work hard to grow the best quality fruit. We use minimal spray only if needed.