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Contact: Andrea Parker and Lewis Parker
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About Us
We are the Parkers, a father daughter duo, hoping to bring the community delicious, gluten free options that can be easily made in the comfort of your own home. We spent years experimenting to create the perfect gluten free flour blend that would work in our favorite recipes. Finding the best ratio of each flour was tricky and took a lot of experimenting, but soon we realized we were onto something. Once we had perfected our flour blend, we got to work. We decided the gluten free world was missing that perfectly delicious, soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside, chocolate chip cookie. All the store bought ones we tried were “okay” but still left you with that gritty, weird aftertaste. We decided “okay” was becoming too accepted in the gluten free world and said “no more"! Soon, the Parker House Chocolate Chip Cookie was born. Soon after, we started thinking about some essential items that were missing from the kitchens of our fellow gluten free eaters. We then created our pancake, bread, and brownie mixes, in addition to our chocolate chip cookie and flour mixes. Be sure and check out our website for more!