Chicana Foods
Address: 770 S 13th St Unit 9791 Boise, ID, 83707
Phone: 208-391-2993
About Us
Chicana Foods™ salsa macha is a surprising blend of rich, nutty, spicy, flavor with the perfect touch of smoke. The combination of ingredients is unlike anything you’ve tried outside of Mexico and is absolutely addictive. Made using high-quality seeds, nuts, chiles, olive oil, and dried fruit, our salsas offer a flavor profile that will have you hooked after the first bite. Salsa Macha is typical of the Veracruz and Oaxaca Mexican states with African influences. Our recipe was developed by our loving aunt in Mexico and refined here in our Boise, Idaho kitchen.

Chicana Foods™ was founded by three first-generation Mexican-American sisters, Claudia, Allison, and Giovanna along with our mother, Gloria. Our macha salsas are inspired by traditional family recipes used in Mexico for decades. Over 20 years ago, our mothers sisters and brothers started their own salsa company in Mexico. Today, they have 50 employees and produce salsa enjoyed by thousands of Mexican families every week. Their success has been an inspiration and an example to follow as we embrace our employees like family and grow our company together.