Free Spirits Beverage Co.
Contact: Briana Beford / Melissa Nodzu
Address: 1108 W. Front Street (in collab with Manfred’s Pub) Boise, ID, 83702
Email Address:
Phone: 208-398-3335
About Us
Free Spirits Beverage Company (formerly iOnE Bitters) is a bespoke micro-craft batched beverage company based in Boise, Idaho. Our many locally-accessed ingredients are grown or foraged naturally, organically, and holistically. The foraging practices utilized are sustainable and ethical, rooted deep in plant energy, magic, and medicine. What we can’t grow or forage is sourced from local and regional farmer friends. 100% neutral Idaho spirits, mountain spring water, Idaho organic vinegar and local Treasure Valley honey round out our beverage ingredient needs. We believe if one chooses to imbibe that their body should gain benefit from the subtle healing energy of the ingredients used.