LBE Wagyu Japanese Style Wagyu
City: Caldwell, ID,
About Us
Growing up on a small dairy farm in Eastern Idaho, my parents taught me to care for the animals like they are one of the family. Often enough, we had to bring calves into the house to keep them warm and clean so they could survive the cold and wet winters. I never thought I would be around cattle again in my life but a series of events and 20 years later, my wife Emilee and I started a small farm with the idea of taking care of animals. After we sold out of our Angus cattle, we got into the Wagyu cattle business for we wanted to raise the best tasting meat in the world. Angus did not have the quality we were looking for. We started with 4 breed cows and enjoyed their great disposition, except Keshi, she was a special soul. Here we are 5 years later and have 13 cows and 8 heifers on the way to being cows.

We run a feed mill at our farm and the popularity of the Non-GMO market and grass feeding peaked our interest not only in the health of the animal but in marketing ability it might have. All of our grains and grasses are raised locally by farmers who are committed to what we do—quality Non-GMO grains farmed in traditional farming practices. Our finished animals are raised by our boys who feed and care for them daily and tend to their every need. I grew up on a farm and learned that hard work and responsibility will take you far and make you a well rounded person.

Emilee, my wife, is in charge of our farm sales and accounting. She also had family with a dairy in Eastern Idaho. Her favorite memory is playing in the cotton seed and milking the cows. She likes our sweet dairy cow, Rosy, who has been part of our farm for 7 years now. Although we don't milk her anymore, she supports our calves that need a little boost of milk.