Clean-Slate Cupcakes
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About Us
Having seen the impacts of poor-quality food on the health of our children firsthand, we set out to provide gluten free, dairy free and vegan options for the sweet foods of life that children and people like us so rarely have access to. And even worse, when they can find something healthy, so often they have to forgo flavor. We provide only the highest quality, healthiest alternative ingredients giving those with food restrictions a truly tasty and delicious alternative to the joy that is a cupcake. We exist to put a smile on the face of anyone who needs the ingredients in their food to prioritize their health as well as their taste buds.

Our cupcakes are safe for those with celiac! We never use gluten, tree nuts or peanuts in our kitchen. We go to great lengths for our vegan friends by using different baking equipment and sanitizing surfaces, but please know that cross contamination with egg is still possible.