Coyote Gulch Ranch/ Irish Dexter Beef
Contact: Christopher and Marie Lyon
City: Adrian, OR, 97901
Phone: 360-301-9617
About Us
Treasure Valley family ranch that specializes in Irish Dexter Grass Fed Beef, a heritage breed with excellent taste test results and smaller cuts of meat. Find us at the Boise Farmers Market or contact us to pre-order.
Located at the western most part of the Treasure Valley, our idyllic ranch is surrounded on 3 sides by BLM land and is just a few miles from the Owyhee Reservoir.
Our Irish Dexter Cattle are a purebred cattle, originally from Ireland. This specialty breed is smaller, with finely grained muscles and a distinctive "spider marbling", which makes the meat especially tender and tasty. Only finished on grass, not grains, the meat is healthy and with fantastic flavor, some chefs claim it is" like a fine wine".
We also now raise Heritage Berkshire Pigs ,in Japan known as Kurobuta, sought by chefs worldwide for the excellent marbling and superior flavor. They are never fed soy or GMO grain, so you can rely on them to be healthy for you.
You can find farm fresh eggs and local raw honey at our booth.
We also offer whole chickens, when we can get processing done, again all non-GMO or soy feed, so you can be assured quality meat for you table!
Using sustainable and best land management on our ranch, our animals are moved in what is called rotational grazing. We raise our own grass for them to eat all their lives, and use it to feed as hay in the winter months. The rotation is great for the land, they graze and fertilize at the same time. We have some natural range land and we have seen an improvement in the condition of that land since we moved cattle on it. Not only is it good for the land, but their grazing removes excess fuel reducing the danger of range fires.
Our animals are never given grains, soy, hormones, preventive antibiotics or steroids. They live comfortable, happy lives, wandering through our 230 acres. We love and respect them and can call the whole cattle herd just with a whistle. We are happy to share this wholesome food with our community!
From our family to yours, offering wholesome, fresh meat you can know and trust!