Picabo Desert Farm
Contact: Gail Ansley
Address: 1094 E. 1520 N. Richfield, ID, 83349
Email Address:
Phone: 208-404-9632
About Us
Picabo Desert Farm is located on the South side of the Picabo Hills overlooking the Picabo Desert in Richfield ID. We are a small family farm producing and processing our own Goat milk into the finest Artisian Goat Yogurt & Goat Cheeses you will eat.
We have a small herd of dairy goats made up of Saaneans, Nubians, Alpines, Golden Guernseys, Oberhaslis, Nigerian Dwarfts and many mix breeds. They provide us with fresh sweet milk which is why our goat yogurt and goat cheeses are so delicious! In 2015 We started our journey to make and share the best Goat Yogurt and Goat Cheese in the world. Our Goat Yogurt has been decribed as "Decadent", "Rich", "Creamy", "The Best Yogurt I Have Had from Around the World", "Unbelievable", "Addictive", "I Couldn't Put It Down".
Our Goat Cheeses "Both Feta and Chev`re" have recieved rave reviews for their Smooth and Creamy texture and sweet taste. Our Cheeses do not have that "barn yard" taste.
We at Picabo Desert Farm raise the majority of feed that our goats eat. We grow non GMO alfalfa without the use of chemical fertilizer or weed killers. We do feed our girls a small can of COB (Corn, Oats, Barley) in the milking barn to encourage the girls to come in. The goats have access to good clean water at all times.