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About Us
Global Gardens is a program of the Idaho Office for Refugees and Jannus, Inc. We welcome farmers and gardeners to engage in work that brings them joy, provides nutritious food for their families and community, and earns a fair wage within our local food economy. We help farmers access land, training, and markets, and provide more than 100 community garden spaces.

Global Gardens began as a community garden program in 2004 after garden pioneer Patty Haller heard about the success of refugee community gardens in other cities. She teamed up with several community partners, including Ahavath Beth Israel Synagogue and Hillview United Methodist Church, to offer families a place to grow food. We now offer community garden spaces to more than 100 families and provide beginning farmers with access to land and training.

Refugees differ from other immigrants in that they did not leave their home country by choice. Rather, they were forced to leave due to political unrest, persecution, or fear of death. Refugee arrivals in Idaho vary greatly in their personal histories. Many spent years in refugee camps without any modern amenities, little access to education, and minimal employment history.

Many refugees come to Boise with agricultural experience in their home countries, having worked as farmers of subsistence or commercial crops, or having cultivated traditional kitchen gardens near their homes or in refugee camps. Participation in community gardens and agricultural training programs is a natural fit for them in Idaho. Refugees face numerous cultural, linguistic, and economic barriers while entering the market as farm entrepreneurs; Global Gardens is focused on breaking down these barriers and supporting refugees as full participants in the local food economy.